"1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. Don't forget to get your annual mammogram. It could save your life!"


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A full-service breast health center that features fully-digital mammography screening and diagnostic work ups with the comfort, privacy and compassion every woman deserves - that's Providence Breast Health Center. With its comfortable surroundings in a unique, spa-like atmosphere, the Breast Center is designed to make important regular breast screenings as pleasant an experience as possible.

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    Ultrasound and Biopsy
    These procedures, recommended when a lump in your breast has been found, takes only a few moments and cause minimal discomfort.
    Additional Services
    Providence Breast Health Center is pleased to provide an elegant boutique and gift center for your convenience. We also offer an DME Certified Prosthetic Fitter, and our exclusive Nurse Navigator.

It's the goal of the Providence Breast Health Center to dramatically reduce the loss of life and grief associated with breast cancer in our community. How can we accomplish this goal? The answer is simple but daunting - early detection. Far too many women over 40 years of age fail to get an annual mammography screening. Providence Breast Health Center was designed and built to attract more and more women to seek out these vital annual exams.

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