"Very nice! The entire visit was less stressful because of the friendly people and the setting. Very peaceful and serene."

-BHC Patient

Swedish Relaxation Massage

De-stress, relax, and enjoy life in our spa-like atmosphere at the Providence Breast Health Center. We’re pleased to offer this new service featuring Dixie Helm, a LMT licensed massage therapist. Dixie is certified in Swedish Relaxation Massage, pregnancy, reflexology, sports, and other techniques – with more than fifteen years experience. Put your stress in Dixie’s hands…and relax.

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday - by appointment only


15 Minute (clothed) $25

30 Minute $45

55 Minute $70

Specialty Treatments
(24 hour notice required)

30 Minute Peppermint Feet Treat $45

55 Minute Aromatherapy Massage $75 
(Your choice of scent)

55 Minute Pregnancy Massage $75 
(Side-lying position in 3rd trimester)

55 Minute Hot Sticks 'n' Stones $80

45 Minute Facial Massage $70 
(Includes cleansing and foot massage)

45 Minute Hot Oil Scalp and Hair $65
(Aroma oils, masssage, foot massage)