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Q: If I am a patient of Cecilia Mitchell Breast Center at Waco Surgical Group or a patient of Waco Radiology, will my next mammography appointment take place at the new breast center?


Q: If I am a patient of Cecilia Mitchell Breast Center at Waco Surgical Group or a patient of Waco Radiology, where will my past mammograms be located?

A: In order to assure continued medical care, all patient records and images (films) will be located at Providence Breast Health Center. If you need access to your records, contact Providence Breast Health Center at 254-235-3535.

Q: Why will my breast center no longer offer mammograms?

A: Waco Radiology and Waco Surgical Group are combining their expertise with Providence Health Center resources to provide you with the latest in digital mammography and breast health care.

Q: Will I receive notification when I am due for my next screening mammogram?

A: Yes, you will receive a reminder letter from Providence Breast Health Center reminding you to make an appointment six weeks before you are due for your next screening mammogram.

Q: What services will the new Providence Breast Health Center offer?

A: The breast center is designed to increase breast cancer awareness and early detection by offering convenient and comfortable mammography. The services include state-of-the-art, fully digital mammography equipment and image storage with computer-aided detection, bone density scans, breast ultrasound, in-office core biopsies, treatment guide from Nurse Navigator, prosthetics and pre/post surgery garments, gift shop, and an educational resource center in a comfortable and spa-like atmosphere.

Q: Where is the Providence Breast Health Center located?

A: Providence Breast Health Center will be located on the corner of Fish Pond Rd. and Cobbs Dr., on the first floor of the Fish Pond Medical Plaza. Address: 6600 Fish Pond Rd. Suite #104, Waco, TX 76710.

Q: How can I contact the Providence Breast Health Center for more information?

A: Phone: 254.235.3535 website: www.providencebhc.com

Q: When will the Providence Breast Health Center be open for appointments?

A: You can call to schedule your appointment beginning March 1, 2009. Appointments at the new breast center will begin in May, 2009.